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We’re an award-winning creative agency with a strong moral compass and a proven track record.

We create brands, campaigns and content that help not-for-profit organisations raise awareness, change behaviours and inspire action.

We use our existing deep sector knowledge to get to the heart of complex issues quickly and combine this with fresh perspectives from other industries to connect with audiences in meaningful ways.

The result is real world impact.

Why do we do it?

Because we’re ‘Powered by purpose’. We exist to shape a brighter, fairer world and believe that our creativity and innovation should be put to work in making things better for real people in everyday life. Our sharper focus and deeper expertise mean we know where to look and what to ask to get to the crux of an issue. And our nuanced approach means we uncover the often-overlooked aspects of a brief or challenge, allowing us to create the best result.

With a team of 20 strategists, creatives, planners and project managers, our work raises awareness, changes behaviours, and inspires action.

Powered by Purpose

Getting it right first time.

Having decades of experience building relationships with our clients means that we know exactly what it takes to be a great agency partner.

We respect that your time is valuable, which is why we’re committed to getting things right first-time round. This means developing a genuine understanding of your nuanced challenges and how to face them so that when we come to create, we’ve done all the preparation needed to know what’s right for you and your audience, first time.

Dig a bit deeper

Before we dive into any project, we make sure we ask all the right questions so we can understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Authenticity unlocks potential

We stay true to ourselves at Eleven, which is why we’re not afraid to challenge your brief if it’s in the best interests of your goals and objectives.

An intelligent team

Having an in-house team of strategists, creatives, planners and project managers means we’ve got full control of your entire project at any given time.

Driven by results

We regularly report against your objectives and measure our effectiveness so that we can continually improve your performance.

Championing creativity and collaboration

Creativity is our lifeblood. And we don’t see it as the responsibility of any one person or department at Eleven. Whether we work in operations or graphic design, creativity and creative thinking is something that is championed by all of us.

Our home (The Chapel) was historically used to talk about creation. These days we use it as a hub of creativity, inspiration and discussion. And the occasional mess from Frank the sausage dog (yes, we’re another agency with a dog - sorry).

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Making your content accessible to the widest possible audience

Here at Eleven, we’re passionate about doing the right thing. And accessible design is all about doing the right thing by your audience. It’s centred around making sure that everyone who needs to can easily access the same content. We do this by helping to remove any potential barriers that stand between you and your audience.

Working to WCAG 2.2 guidelines, we factor in the accessibility needs of your audience from the outset to ensure your content can be used by everyone who needs it.

Support for care leavers

As a business we have a clear commitment to doing good in the world, beyond just the work we do for our clients.

Our significant experience of working within the social care sector means that we understand the additional challenges young people leaving the care system face. That’s why we’re working with Spectra (under their stewardship of the Care Leavers Covenant) to develop a 'Get ready for work' programme specially for care leavers. The programme will provide care leavers in further education with work experience, training and mentorship to help them develop the core skills required to succeed in the world of work. The programme will help build confidence and skills and result in experience that can be evidenced on a CV and a professional reference to support young people in kick-starting their career.

Support for care leavers
Our 'Get ready for work' programme is due to launch in April 2024. We anticipate that we’ll be able to support 10-20 care leavers each year.