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Why we've changed our name

You may have noticed something different about us recently...
Clare Lydon

Clare Lydon

2 minute read
January 30, 2024
You may have noticed something different about us recently...
Why we've changed our name Image

What's changed?

We’ve dropped the Marketing & Communications bit from our company name and updated our website and email domains to reflect this.

There’s a couple of reasons for this…

Marketing & Communications doesn’t reflect what we do properly. We’re a creative agency. We create brands, campaigns and content that help not-for-profit organisations raise awareness, change behaviours and inspire action. We’re not a PR or communications agency. And we’re not an email or digital marketing agency. We want to be super clear about this to make it easier for people to know when and how to work with us.

Eleven Marketing & Communications is also a bit of a mouthful! Simply Eleven is much easier to say and remember.


What does this mean?

To be honest, Eleven is how most of our clients and collaborators know us anyway, so it’s not a big change for you, but an important one for us 😊

If you already work with us it may require you to make a couple of changes as follows:


Our website has changed from:


Please use the new website domain when visiting our website. Don’t worry if you forget and use the old one though, you will be automatically redirected to


Please update any Eleven contact records to reflect the change in email address for our people.

Our email addresses have changed from:


Again, don’t worry if you forget – emails sent to the old addresses will be forwarded for now.


Supplier information

Eleven Marketing & Communications remains our formal company name (so you don’t need to update any supplier records), but we will now trade as Eleven. You may need to update any contact information associated with our supplier record to reflect the new domain e.g.;; and

Thank you for your ongoing support 🙏

If you have any questions about this, please do get in touch.