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A campaign to equip allied health professionals to provide better care for cancer patients.

University of Salford

Allied health professionals play a pivotal role in diagnosis and personalised treatment for cancer patients.

It’s because of this that the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), The Christie School of Oncology and the University of Salford joined forces to create a new cancer care upskilling course – aimed at the 14 allied health professions.

We were tasked with creating a brand identity for the programme, as well as a concept and strategy for a recruitment campaign to encourage allied health professionals to take the course.

Project summary

  • Research and insights
  • Brand identity development
  • Campaign strategy
  • Channel planning
  • Website design and build
  • Graphic design
  • Digital design
  • Email marketing
  • Paid search
  • Paid social
  • Retargeting
  • Tracking and measurement


We began by leading a workshop with a group of allied health professionals from a range of different professions across the public and private sectors. This was to give us a well-rounded view of what was unique and appealing about the course on offer, and why students would benefit from taking part.

Combining this with our own desktop research, we then created a visual identity for the course which unified all 14 allied health professions into one – along with the funding body, the charity and the University. The visual identity used chevrons to create a sense of movement towards a common cause. There were 14 chevrons in total to reflect all the different health professions. And the shape created by the negative space reflected a cancerous cell.

We developed a suite of branded marketing material for the programme, including a website and email communications. We also developed a 12-month recruitment strategy, using a combination of owned and paid media. And we created a campaign toolkit and a suite of social assets for stakeholders to use.

Initially we focused our recruitment strategy on gathering interest and sign-ups to the course from within the local area. We did this using various paid media channels – including Facebook, Google, Ad Roll (retargeting) and Ad Roll (outreach) - and by creating communications toolkits that the stakeholders could share within their networks.

But as the campaign matured, our focus switched to making sure that those who had started the course would see it through. We wrote and automated a series of nurturing emails, using testimonials from students who had completed the course. We identified key points in the training cycle to send these emails, so that we could catch students at the right time - motivating them to keep going.

mock ups of the social posts we designed.


In the first six months of the campaign (since it launched in December 2022), the landing page has had over 16k views. This has resulted in 758 registered applicants, 268 course enrolments with 210 candidates starting the course.

As a result of this campaign, over 200 allied health professionals in Greater Manchester are upskilling so that they can provide better care to cancer patients.

The 'AHP' logo shown as a badge on a lab coat.
Stickers saying 'course completion' with the Allies in Cancer Care logo underneath.
LinkedIn profile pictures with the filter 'I'm an ally in cancer care' over the top.
LinkedIn profile pictures with the filter 'I'm an ally in cancer care' over the top.
A mock up of the certificate of completion for the course.
A mock up of a YouTube advert for the course.