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A campaign shining a spotlight on water wastage.

Consumer Council for Water

Are you in the 65% of people who have washed clothes that aren’t really dirty?

Water plays an important role in our daily lives. But there are many ways it gets wasted – without many of us even realising.

After conducting a research study with Bristol Water to get an understanding of water usage habits, the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the common ways people waste water in their homes. They asked us to create a series of short animations that could be used across various online channels to help raise awareness.

A campaign shining a spotlight on water wastage.

Consumer Council for Water

Project summary

  • Campaign strategy
  • Channel selection
  • Concept development
  • Graphic design
  • Animation and motion graphics
  • Paid social
  • Reporting and optimisation


After interrogating our client’s report on water use and carrying out our own research, we decided to focus on three of the most interesting or surprising scenarios where water is wasted at home: leaving the shower running to get peace and quiet from children, washing clothes that aren’t really dirty or accidentally watering indoor plants to death.

Using the CCW’s brand, we developed three animations that brought these scenarios to life, using fun illustrations and dynamic typography to grab the audience’s attention.

We developed a social media strategy to run this awareness campaign across Meta where we knew we could make best use of targeting tools to encourage likes, comments and shares to maximise exposure.



In just three weeks, our campaign reached 450k people and the videos were seen over 200k times. More than 7,000 people interacted with the campaign across social media. The campaign also gained significant media attention, appearing on the evening news on BBC One Wales.

By shining a spotlight on the common ways people waste water at home, our campaign not only helped to save water but will also help to reduce many people’s water and energy bills.