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A brand repositioning and a campaign to promote a college’s higher education offer.

Bradford College

Bradford College was often overlooked as a place to study at degree level in Yorkshire.

This was mainly due to a lack of awareness around their offer. This was all about to change as we were tasked with repositioning the college as a hub of higher education against the backdrop of a changing world, with changing student demands.

A brand repositioning and a campaign to promote a college’s higher education offer.

Bradford College

Project summary

  • Research and insights
  • Concept development
  • Campaign strategy
  • Messaging development
  • Audience testing
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Paid social


We first held workshops with relevant stakeholders and students to understand how the College viewed itself and how it’s viewed by students.

The key insight was that the College’s core audience often worried they might not be the ‘uni type’ or that they’re not yet the ‘finished product’.

This led us to the concept of “Work in progress”. A new positioning for the College based around the beauty of imperfection and the opportunities it allows. Not only was this true of the students, but the line also rang true for the College itself which is actively changing for the better. 

Once we were aligned on the overall concept, we devised a simple but striking new visual identity for the College to express the campaign message. This was a modular and flexible system which allowed the campaign to sing on all platforms from the billboard campaign, through to the prospectus and Spotify ads targeting specific age groups.

We also simplified the logomark to feel more elegant and functional and extracted the B, which acted as a space, to hold imagery throughout the campaign.

A mock up of the campaign social media posts.
A breakdown of the font hierarchy we used for the visual identity.


The impact of the campaign has been strong with student sign-ups already rising and with the College feeling like the brand and campaign are a much better representation of who they are as an organisation. 


"The feedback we have received has been fantastic. Readers love the bold and modern design, crisp imagery and well laid out information. Many members of College staff have said that this is the best degree prospectus we have ever had. We would definitely choose Eleven again as a design agency – in fact, we already have for our School prospectus!"

Marketing Operations Manager

Bradford College

A mock up of one of the Spotify ads.
Another mock up of one of the Spotify ads.
a mock up of the campaign toolkit.
Inside the undergraduate prospectus.
Inside the undergraduate prospectus.