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A workbook helping young people understand their education options during lockdown.

Go Higher West Yorkshire

The Covid-19 pandemic intensified the divide between young people who had access to technology – and those who didn’t.

Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY) is a consortium of HE providers working together to ensure that higher education, in all its forms, is open to all who can benefit, regardless of background. They wanted to find a way to reach young people in schools without access to a computer during lockdown.

They approached us to create a physical workbook, providing a guide on further education options after school.

A workbook helping young people understand their education options during lockdown.

Go Higher West Yorkshire

Project summary

  • Research and insights
  • Creative direction
  • Graphic design
  • Digital design


We knew that students needed to feel considered in our design, so that it would feel as if the workbook had been created just for them. So we conducted stakeholder workshops to find out what we should be aiming for in terms of look and feel.

This inspired us to create a workbook that felt aspirational, looked youthful without feeling childish, and was high quality in finish. Using the GHWY branding, we created a suite of colourful shapes and icons to be used throughout the workbook. Our client liked these so much that they’ve since been used in several other pieces of content.

We knew that it was important the workbook was easy to use. So we opted for a tabbed style which was colour coded, making it easy for the audience to find different sections.

As well as creating printed copies of the guide, we also created an accessible digital version that could live on the GHWY website.

The contents page of the workbook we designed.
The 'general information' page.
the 'further education' section.


The printed workbook was distributed to schools across West Yorkshire and was used in outreach career sessions in schools to help highlight the importance of further education. It was so popular that we've had multiple requests to reprint it!

Providing our client with this workbook in both print and digital formats meant that it could be accessed by the widest possible audience of young people, helping to heal the digital divide in education.

The ucas section.