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A campaign to raise awareness of animal welfare.

RSPCA Northamptonshire

During lockdown, the number of people getting pets skyrocketed.

But fast-forward three years and the cost-of-living crisis had resulted in a high number of people who can no longer afford to keep their animals. RSPCA Northamptonshire was exposed to this problem first-hand, as the branch suddenly found themselves having to look after more pets than they had space for.

They came to us for support with a fundraising campaign that would help them to purchase a beautiful kennel site, out in 11 acres of countryside - where they would be able to rescue and rehabilitate more pets than ever before.

A campaign to raise awareness of animal welfare.

RSPCA Northamptonshire

Project summary

  • Research and insights
  • Concept development
  • Campaign strategy
  • Messaging development
  • Digital design
  • Graphic design


During our discovery phase, it became clear that the branch had some work to do in raising awareness of their cause. So we proposed that instead of going in hot with a fundraising campaign, we would start by laying down the groundwork – launching an awareness campaign. The aim of this initial phase was to develop a warm audience that the charity would then be able to retarget with a wider fundraising campaign. 

Our insights phase involved carrying out research into the local environment, considering competitor activity both locally and online, looking at external factors and speaking to various stakeholder from the RSPCA. This helped us to discover the future aims of the charity and breadth of work they do. The research uncovered staggering statistics around the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on families not being able to afford to look after their pets. This led to feelings of devastation and loneliness, as their pet had been their closest companion.

We created a messaging matrix for the campaign which included a mission statement for the charity, a summary of the selling points of the brand, the value propositions, differentiators and why people should support. The matrix summarised four key messages to be used within the communications surrounding the awareness campaign.

This led us to develop the campaign concept you can’t put a price on pets’ – stressing the importance of the priceless role pets can play in our lives. We used an AI image creation tool called MidJourney to bring this concept to life, enabling us to create something totally original for our client. We also designed a new landing page, making it easy for the charity to measure the success of future fundraising campaigns. This landing page was accessible via a QR code we included on the campaign creative, and featured a donation widget and a newsletter sign-up CTA - allowing the charity to collect valuable data which could be used in email marketing activity. 

We developed a suite of campaign assets ranging from window posters, tote bags, stickers, banners, website landing page design, social media assets and leaflets that the charity could use at their fundraising events and within the local area to drive awareness of the campaign. We also delivered a campaign toolkit and a tactical campaign plan, detailing how the charity could roll out fundraising activity going forward.

A mock-up of how the campaign would look on Instagram.
A mock-up of how the campaign would look on Facebook.
A man sitting on the sofa with a tabby cat curled up behind his head.


Our client was delighted with our creative work, describing our campaign concept as 'phenomenal'.

The charity is now using the campaign toolkit and tactical plan to implement an 18-month long fundraising campaign. This is set to conclude in spring 2025.


'You can't put a price on...' posters on a shop window.
The dog and rabbit illustrations we created mocked up onto stickers.
The campaign brochure we designed.
The double-sided campaign leaflet we designed.
The pull-up banner we designed for the launch event.
Branded campaign tote bags.
A mock up of the campaign toolkit we created for the charity to use.