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A name and brand for a new wellbeing initiative for rail workers.

Samaritans and Network Rail

It's simple - when we help others, we improve our view of ourselves.

Samaritans challenged us to come up with a name and visual identity for their new initiative, which invited Network Rail workers to get involved with Samaritans through a series of activities that could take as little as ten minutes.

These activities range from fundraising by running a marathon right through to arranging a team chat about mental health. These challenges and tasks help to reduce the stigma around discussing mental health, and in doing so offer opportunities for everyone to open up and feel less isolated.

Project summary

  • Research and insights
  • Naming
  • Brand identity development
  • Logo design


Our approach to naming the initiative started with our key insight about the why the audience might engage with the programme. We anchored our thinking around research that suggested people feel better when engaging in altruistic acts.

After deciding this as the general direction we wanted to take, we came up with several potential names. The ones which made the shortlist were:

  • Do Good Feel Good
  • Minds United
  • Great Minds
With further discussion with the Samaritans, we decided “Do Good, Feel Good” was the name which communicated the idea most effectively.
Once we had the name signed off, we began crafting the look and feel. Our initial approach was to communicate the circular nature of the scheme by exploring a number of options which involved circles. Although we liked this idea, it wasn’t the most accessible, and so to overcome the challenge we opted for a subtle smile to play on the emotional benefit of the programme.
The studio team selecting a concept to go ahead with for the new brand.
The new brand shown on a keychain.
An animated version of the Do Good Feel Good brand.
A static version of the Do Good Feel Good logo.
The new brand shown on a notebook.


Since our engagement, Samaritans have successfully launched the scheme for Network Rail employers to “Do Good, Feel Good’. The initiative now has its own microsite which has received 7,000 unique page views in the first four months.

The new brand shown on three mugs.
The new brand shown on a tshirt.
A mock up of the brand toolkit on an iPad.