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A new look and feel to inspire school leavers

Bradford College

Bradford College was looking for a new look and feel for their further education offer.

This visual identity had two main aims - to raise awareness of Bradford College in Bradford and the surrounding towns and to communicate the offering to school leavers in a compelling, creative and outstanding way. It also needed to consider the College's existing sub-brands and lead the way for creating a stand-out prospectus, mini guide and parents and carers guide.

A new look and feel to inspire school leavers

Bradford College

Project summary

  • Research and insights
  • Concept development
  • Messaging development
  • Graphic design


We wanted to develop a concept that bridged the gap between the College’s schools and higher education visual identities. This was to ensure that a cohesive look and feel would stay with students throughout their journey at Bradford College.

We were also conscious that the target audience was younger for FE – this was a ‘Gen Z’ demographic, very much in their ‘TikTok’ era. So we wanted to strike a balance with the creative between being informational and also current/on trend.

The research we carried out during the discovery phase led us to explore three areas – the joy of the journey, personal growth and career prospects. The joy of the journey looked at the idea that life’s not all about the end result and education is the perfect example of where this is true. Personal growth was about the way we develop as people through education and how the settings we choose to learn in are valuable to our independence and growth. And careers prospects explored how Bradford College was a hub of vocationally-minded courses, built with innovation and real-world careers in mind.

This insight led us to develop our concept – ‘Build your world’ – which was all about how the life you create for yourself at college becomes your 'world'. When you find a passion, a purpose and surround yourself with people who empower you, your world becomes a place to thrive. This concept was applied creatively using brightly coloured building blocks, inviting people to come and ‘build their own world’ at Bradford College. 

We rolled out the new look and feel across the FE prospectus (a 200+ page document), a parent and carers guide and a mini guide.

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The new prospectus and guides are now being used at Bradford College open days, where the new creative is making a big visual impact. The College had nothing but high praise for our creative work.

"I am very proud. WOWWW! Look what we made! What a team. Delighted."

Marketing Operations Manager

Bradford College

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