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An undergraduate prospectus made accessible to the widest possible audience.

University of Huddersfield

The University of Huddersfield was concerned their undergraduate prospectus could have barriers.

They asked us for guidance on how to retrospectively bring the 180-page document in line with WCAG accessibility guidelines - to open it up to the widest possible audience.

They wanted advice on how to make their creative visually accessible, so it could be applied by the design agency working on the project, and for us to make it technically accessible - managing the process from start to finish with their existing design agency.

Project summary

  • Accessibility consultancy
  • Graphic design


We spoke with the University and external agency to understand their knowledge of accessibility, making sure that we understood any challenges they had. We created a schedule detailing the time we’d need to review the creative and the time the agency would have to make the changes. The schedule also outlined the time required for the University to fully quality check the content and for us to apply the technical accessibility requirements.

We used our accessibility expertise to create a report for our client’s external design agency with guidance on how to bring the document in line with visual accessibility requirements. This report was split into two sections. The first explained the changes that would need to be made to the prospectus, and the second was to outline the changes that should be considered going forward to the overall look and feel of future prospectus documents.

Graphics from inside the prospectus.
An inside spread from the prospectus.


We’ve built a fantastic relationship with the external design agency as a result of this project. And because our accessibility report and instructions were so clear, their visual accessibility amends were signed off first time around.

A graphic showing how the accessible design differed from the original.