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An animation to help lobby decision makers to support a new incentive battling mosquito-borne diseases.

Innovative Vector Control Consortium

The Vector Expedited Review Voucher (VERV) is a new incentive for manufacturers of public health insecticides.

IVCC was at the stage of lobbying decision makers in Washington to back this pilot programme. These people are very busy and are asked daily to engage with a huge volume of proposals. So they needed a way to capture their attention and get their message across. We suggested creating a short explainer animation that was quick to watch, easy to understand, and explained the detail of the project in a compelling way.

An animation to help lobby decision makers to support a new incentive battling mosquito-borne diseases.

Innovative Vector Control Consortium

Project summary

  • Creative direction
  • Graphic design
  • Animation and motion graphics


We developed three creative concepts, proposing various illustration styles to help bring the script to life. Our first concept explored minimal and focused visuals that were bold, graphical and easy to follow. The second option explored a slightly different creative application, using saturated colours, rough textures, hand rendered typography and uneven shapes to represent the untamed side of the problem – and urgent need for intervention. And our final route used a structured and scientific approach, following an infographic-led approach using technical drawings.

We presented these to IVCC, and they chose the first route, which made use of block colours and silhouettes to make the graphics easy to follow. To achieve the highest brand recall, recognition and impact, we recommended a refined colour palette of the IVCC brand black and red, mixed with warm grey and neutral tones to help bring a contrast. This meant that our message and the visuals throughout the animation were distinctly linked back to IVCC.

The VERV process was difficult to understand so we needed to be very creative to make sure the content was engaging. There were several messages we needed to convey; firstly, we needed to explain that the $5.5m funding needed could save thousands of lives, and secondly we needed to illustrate the commercial benefit of VERV and how funding the pilot scheme would make the US more lucrative trade partners.

Throughout the animation storyboard, we depicted the human characters as small, whereas the mosquitoes appeared large and silhouetted to highlight the scale of the worldwide malaria problem that IVCC are tackling. Facts and figures were depicted in charts and percentages by diving the screen into representative proportions to help illustrate the data. We also copyedited the script for the client to make sure it was clear and engaging. We selected a voiceover in an American accent for the animation and applied captions written in US English to make it relevant to the audience.

What's needed to qualify for a voucher?


As of December 2022, VERV has been signed into US law.

By providing a financial incentive for public health insecticide development, the development of new tools and technologies will be made possible - so that we can one day beat malaria for good.

We have since been commissioned by one of IVCC’s partners to create another explainer animation.

80% of the world's population are at risk of insect borne diseases'
An illustration of a mosquito with a red line over it, with a test tube next to it with a tick.