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Forging meaningful connections

Our Whole Picture Thinking™ approach to campaigns is to combine our extensive sector-specific knowledge with fresh perspectives from other industries, empowering us to create a narrative that forges genuine connections with your audience and inspires them to think or act differently.

This was especially true for a national campaign we delivered for Samaritans and Network Rail, to empower train passengers to help prevent suicides on the railway by simply making small talk. The research told us that passengers didn’t feel at all confident in how to act or what to say if they saw someone in distress at the station. So it was important to make sure our campaign was centred around language that would empower people by equipping them with literal conversation starters – such as ‘hey, do you have the time?’ and ‘do you know where I can grab a coffee around here?’

We’ll produce a comprehensive clear campaign strategy, based on genuine customer insights and deep understanding of client objectives to deliver creative campaigns that work. Acting as your campaign’s stewards, we’ll also frequently review your results and analytics so that we can make data-based decisions to further optimise your performance.

Our services include:

Research and insights
Campaign strategy
Concept development
Audience testing
Asset creation
Campaign toolkits
Campaign guidelines
Campaign stewardship
Channel planning
Data analytics
Reporting and optimisation

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