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The right kind of content

We often get requests that go something like ‘Hi, I’m looking for a new brochure that can encourage young people to pursue a career in STEM. Can you help us?’ While the answer is technically yes – we can help with that – we’ll always start by questioning your why to make sure you’ve selected the very best output for achieving your goal.

In this particular instance, a gamified experience using a virtual headset that could be used at careers fairs would be much more impactful than a static brochure. (True story, by the way. We actually delivered exactly this for Network Rail as part of their ongoing activity to encourage young people to pursue a career in rail).

Our Whole Picture Thinking™ approach to content is centred around taking a step back so we can fully understand what's needed. This better aligns us to meet your goals and suggest what's needed to make your content compelling, tailor it to your audience(s) and meet your communications objectives.