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The power of identity

You hold a focus group to find out what your audience thinks about your brand and it turns out your existing logo doesn’t really resonate with anyone. This was just the case for Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity.

It turned out that the charity’s existing logo held little meaning, even for its employees and stakeholders, while prospective supporters were unsure of the charity’s purpose. Insight from our research led us to a clear positioning that wove together people, impact and local community, and this formed the basis for a comprehensive rebrand.

Building brands requires an approach that looks at the whole picture. And this is what we do.

We recognise that your picture is made up of thousands of tiny details – details which are so often overlooked. And by digging into these very details, we understand the nuanced implications of things like language, colour and iconography in your industry, and for your specific audience. This helps us to build a brand that really resonates with your target audience and lays the foundations for building a meaningful connection with them.